Yellow Gold Mask Lanyard
Yellow Gold Mask Lanyard

Yellow Gold Mask Lanyard

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Handmade Polymer Clay Beaded Mask Lanyard

 Are you taking your mask on and off frequently? Or do you have a baby who is constantly ripping your mask off in public... along with some of your hair? I HEAR YOU! It gets SO frustrating! That is why I have brought a line of Face Mask Lanyards to my list of handmade products. Anything to help make life just a little bit simpler during these difficult times! 

The Face Mask Lanyards are also made with a breakaway clasp to ensure they keep you as safe as possible.


*Because each bead is made by hand, no two beads are the same. Size and colours may vary from the photo, as colours are mixed and beads are made in small batches to ensure each one is made with the most love and care possible! You maybe notice the occasional imperfection such as fingerprints, discolouration, and cracks, but do not worry! These will not affect the integrity of the bead.

The metal hardware may tarnish over time.*

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